While I wait for copyedits, I obsess over the author photo.

I managed to avoid including an author photo with my first two books, but I can’t do it this time around. I’ve decided against a basic head shot because it seems too gruesome to have that much focus on my face. I’m at that age where I need strategic posing or a mask or some serious photo shopping. But I also don’t want anything that’s too artsy. I do want to have it reflective of the time period of the book, which is the 1940s.

Maybe a writer-at-work scenario will be just the thing.

Here are some of my favorites, starting with the cafe woman. I like the way she is looking intently at her paper, but I don’t think I can pull off the hat and fur coat.

cafe woman

This one might be a tad too messy, but I like the spirit:

writer messy

This one is less messy, but Grace Metalious’s fashion sense is a bit too northwoods for my taste:


And here’s Martha Gellhorn, looking very smart, except for that cigarette:


Finally, there’s…well, I could NEVER wear this outfit:

wonder woman

So stay tuned. See what develops.

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