Everything I Never Told You: 2015 Top Ten

This is the third book in my Top Ten list for 2015:


“Lydia is dead.” With those three simple words, Ng proceeds to unravel the secrets of the Lee family, Chinese Americans living in Ohio in the 1970s. Lydia, the middle child of James and Marilyn, was the favored one in the family, and much was expected of her–that she excel in school while having an active social life. Her siblings, Nathan and Hannah, know far more about the reality of Lydia’s life than their parents. When Lydia is found dead, drowned in a lake, the surviving family members finally have to voice the painful silences they have cultivated for years.

This is one of the finest family dramas I have read in a long time. Ng never sinks into melodrama or sentimentality. The plot has twists that are always believable, and the characters are rendered in fine detail. Lovely, lovely, lovely, and the novel is worthy of all the accolades it has received.