Long Man: 2015 Top Ten

Sitting mid-list at number 5 is a novel published in 2014:

Evocative and atmospheric, this story is set in the town of Yuneetah, due to be flooded out by the Tennessee Valley Authority in 1936. Its residents have been preparing for the annihilation; many have demonstrated at least a grudging willingness to accept the perks of relocation and the chance to start life anew.

But Annie Clyde Dodson, a young wife and mother, refuses to give up her land. She is rooted on her family farm, which she intends to pass on to her daughter Gracie. When the three-year-old goes missing just as the flood waters are about to consume the entire area, Annie shows she is willing to do anything to save her child.

In the search for Gracie, Greene unravels the generations-old secrets of the people living in Yuneetah and offers up a fascinating slice of Depression-era America.


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