Other Good Novels of 2015: Literary

For this penultimate post on the books I read in 2015, I’ve compiled a list of more novels I liked. These I’ve classified as literary, and they are contemporary rather than historical.

Okay, this one is about 50-50, with historical and contemporary plots about failed relationships. The novellas are uneven but always interesting, all infused with Gordon’s cool voice.

An inventive story about the changing way in which people communicate.

I categorized this as contemporary because that seems true to when Lee likely wrote this much talked about novel. I found it intriguing and perhaps wasn’t as surprised about Atticus Finch as other readers.

A fine novel about marriage, family, love, and loss.

A fascinating character study of a once prominent feminist and her relationship with her family.

An imaginative updating of Jane Eyre situated in New York and featuring a Korean-American family. It’s both funny and touching.