I’ve Been on Television

All sorts of interesting things can happen once you’ve published a book. As an academic historian, I’m used to giving classrooms lectures and presenting research papers at scholarly conferences. The lectures usually involve large rooms of a mostly captive audience. The research presentations usually small rooms populated by other scholars interested in the same historical topic I am.

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After I published Angels of the Underground, I was invited to give a talk for a World War II symposium at the MacArthur Memorial. While most of the people who attended didn’t know much about those angels, they did know something about the war in the Pacific theater. It was a very engaging day, and I got to talk to a lot of interesting people.

The entire symposium was fascinating, and it was filmed. There was a C-SPAN camera rolling in the back of the auditorium while I gave my talk. I tried not to stare at it. I did pretty good with forgetting but not forgetting it was there.

C-SPAN3 American History TV aired the talk last night. You can watch it here:


So now I’ve been on t.v., and the angels have gained a wider audience.




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