Progress Update: The Book Proposal

Eight weeks into the semester and I’m up to my…eyeballs in grading. The dining room table is groaning under the weight of various piles of exams and papers. It’s the most visual reminder of how much time and effort goes into my day job.

Image result for stacks of bluebook exams

Then there’s the whole trying-to-be-a-writer thing. I’ve been working on a proposal for a new book, and it’s been kind of bumpy. So it may be longer than I originally thought before I have any news to share about the topic of that book.

But I finished a draft of the proposal, without sample chapters, and sent it off to my agent for her thoughts. I know there will be more work to do on it, but I was at the point where I needed feedback. So now I’m waiting.

And while I wait, I’ll be grading exams.

Which will make me happier to get back to writing. Whenever that will be.

Image result for painting of a woman writing