Women’s History Month 2023

“Welcome to My World of Women’s History”

That’s the greeting I chose for the home page of this website. Once every year, during the month of March, it takes on added significance because of the observance of Women’s History Month. I’ve marked that month in different ways on my blog. The 2018 entry, for example, highlighted that year’s “Nevertheless She Persisted” theme with information about the lawyer/activist Pauli Murray followed by a couple of book recommendations.

This year, Women’s History Month kind of snuck up on me, even though I knew Pamela Toler would once again be running her excellent blog series, Talking About Women’s History. The first installment, featuring biographer Cathy Curtis, is already up, and it’s wonderful.

So when I finally looked up this year’s theme this morning, I was especially intrigued:

This Women’s History Month is not only all about women as historical figures, but it’s also about the women who have written about them. It’s like getting a bonus Women’s History Month.

Over the next four Wednesdays of this month, to match the 2023 theme, I’ll be posting a book recommendation along with some information about its author.

Stay tuned.