In Celebration of Leap Day

There are only hours left. Oxford University Press is running a book lovers’ dream of a sale for today only: 60% off on its titles, including, well, you know:

Angels copies

At $11.18, maybe you could afford more than one–Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduation season aren’t far off. Click here for ordering information. And remember, read different history.



Support Your Local Indie Bookstore

Recently, a friend of mine was browsing through Mystery to Me, an independent bookstore in beautiful Madison, WI.


Among all of the enticing books for sale, she found this:

Angels Madison

Angels of the Underground was part of a display featuring Midwestern authors. Then I found out that the Midwest Independent Booksellers Association had listed my book as one of its Midwest Connections Picks for January 2016.

Even though January is over, it’s not too late to patronize your favorite local indie bookstore and pick up a copy of Angels–and any other book that happens to strike your fancy.

Buy books. Read different history. And remember to post a review of the book on an online book site. That will help other readers find the book and enjoy it, too.



It’s Not Too Late for #readwomenwednesday

To help anyone who is interested in starting a tradition of “aunt books” for holiday gift giving, a #readwomenwednesday hashtag has been launched on Twitter.

read women

I don’t know how long it will last, but it’s there today. Stop by for some good reading/buying recommendations from a variety of scholars and writers.

I’ll add another suggestion here:

There are so many good books out there. Read different history.


Look for #readwomenwednesday on Twitter

In my last post, I suggested using Valentine’s Day as a way to start a tradition of “aunt book” purchasing and reading. I even included some recommendations of history books written by women about women.

To help everyone build a list, follow and/or contribute to the Twitter hashtag #readwomenwednesday.

Big thanks to Karin Wulf, who came up with the hashtag.

Join the intellectual exchange on Wednesdays, and start reading different history.

Not All Wives


Valentine’s Day: Time to Create a Tradition of “Aunt Books”

About a month ago, Andrew Kahn and Rebecca Onion published an article on Slate about how most popular history books are written about men by men. They used the phrase “uncle books” to describe the biographies of founding fathers and presidents and the studies of battles and war that are purchased every year as Christmas and Father’s Day gifts.

It’s time to start a trend of “aunt books,” and Valentine’s Day is as good a holiday as any to begin. This year, buy the woman (or women) in your life a book about a woman or women, preferably written by a woman.

If she is interested in the early United States, you could consider, for instance:

Or this:

If she’s more interested in popular culture, how about:


Of course, everyone reading this blog knows about a certain book about American women in the Philippines during World War II.

Read history. Read different history. And give that special someone a truly thoughtful book. That would be really sweet.