At Least This Year We Eat

Whenever my husband and I come into a bit of money (quarter from the sidewalk, tax refund–that kind of thing), we always say, “At least this year we eat.” If you’re a Cheers fan, you’ll get the reference.


So that was my remark yesterday when I opened an envelope from my agent and found the balance of the advance for my forthcoming book, Angels of the Underground. It was for more than 25 cents and it is probably more than any tax refund we’ve ever received, but so far I’ve found this–the money earning stuff–the least exciting part of being an author. (I have a day job, so I don’t rely on writing to pay the bills.)

Research and writing are exciting, but the big, big thrill is signing the publication contract. A close second is the first look at the book’s cover art. Of course, I certainly won’t be disappointed if the book earns way beyond its advance. But the smell of a freshly signed contract–that’s the smell of victory.