This Mother’s Day, Give the Gift of History

If you’ve always given flowers and candy on Mother’s Day, why not start a new tradition this year? Books. Specifically books about women in the past who’ve done spectacular things. There’s so much to choose from. A recent release that’s already been made into a Hollywood blockbuster:

Image result for hidden figures book

Or to go along with the queen-for-a-day theme often associated with Mother’s Day:

Image result for rival queens nancy goldstone

How about a nun’s story?

Image result for esther wheelwright

Or the story of the woman who founded the Girl Scouts?

Image result for juliette gordon low biography stacy cordery

Or an under-appreciated writer:

Image result for constance fenimore woolson biography

And of course, there’s always the unusual war stories:

Image result for angels of the underground

Happy Mother’s Day 2017.


2 thoughts on “This Mother’s Day, Give the Gift of History

  1. In 1981 I gave my mother Pioneer Women: Voices from the Kansas Frontier by Joanna L. Stratton. When she died, it came back to me and I cherish it. My mother and I were both born in Kansas; these women who helped break the tough prairie sod were our people. I agree; a book is the best gift of all.


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