Dr. Mary Walker Wednesday #8

We’re closer to the end of Dr. Walker’s story than the beginning. Chapter Eight is the first one about her postwar life. Still a young woman at the conclusion of the Civil War, she had much to yet accomplish.

Chapter Eight: The Medal of Honor

The war may have ended, but not Dr. Mary Walker’s work.

Trinity Episcopal Parish | Clarksville, Tenn.

In Clarksville, Tennessee, she provided medical care for women. While attending services at the Trinity Church, Dr. Walker got into a dispute with its minister over issues of loyalty, a controversy that spilled into the community. During the months following the warm she considered various job opportunities as she struggled, physically and emotionally, with the transition to peacetime life.

At the end of August 1865, after receiving testimonials about Mary Walker’s accomplishments, President Andrew Johnson asked the secretary of war to find out “if there is any way in which or precedent by which” any recognition could be made of the doctor’s wartime service.

U.S Army Civil War Medal of Honor | Per Wikipedia: "The Meda… | Flickr

Learn how Edwin Stanton and Joseph Holt, the judge advocate general, decided how such recognition could be made–all in Chapter Eight.

Remember, Dr. Mary Walker’s Civil War releases on June 1!

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  1. I love your Wednesday Posts! I so look forward to this book on Dr. Walker! It sounds like it is different than other books written on her!

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    • Yes! I think every author brings something new to a subject. I hope even those who have read other books about Mary Walker will find new things in mine.


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